After more than a year of engagement with the community, RTD is pleased to introduce a simpler, more affordable, and more equitable fare system.

Big Fare Changes Are Here!

RTD’s new fare system brings lower fares, a reduced number of fare zones, consolidated Discount fares, and decreased costs for 3-Hour, Day, and Monthly Passes. 往返机场的旅行包括在所有月票和折扣通行证中. 我们降低了Access-a-Ride的成本,并推出了Access-a-Ride LiVE票价. The new fare system expands access to the LiVE program, 引入了一项交通补助计划,以及为大专学生提供的新学期通行证, and much more.

Standard FaresDiscount Fares* (Includes Airport)
3-Hour Pass$2.75$1.35
Day Pass$5.50$2.70
Airport Day Pass$10no additional charge
Monthly Pass*$88$27

*Discount fares apply to seniors 65+, individuals with disabilities, Medicare recipients, and customers enrolled in LiVE. 所有折扣票价和月票包括往返机场票价区. Learn more information

Access-a-RideAccess-a-Ride LiVE (Effective March 2024)
One-Way Ticket$4.50$2.25

Save on Fares with fare capping when you use the MyRide App or Card

Fare capping ensures you never pay more than you should on RTD. When you use your MyRide Barcode or MyRide Card, 3-Hour Passes automatically convert to Day and Monthly Passes. Fare capping applies to individual tokens, 因此,使用MyRide条形码的账户持有人将与使用同一账户的MyRide卡的账户持有人分别累积行程. This way, everyone saves!

New Fare Benefits

Lower FaresFor the first time, RTD降低了所有服务的票价,使公共交通成为每个人更具吸引力和经济可行性的选择.
Simplified ProductsThe new fare structure streamlines the product suite, 降低复杂性,提高所有客户、运营商和票价执行的易用性.
Fewer Fare ZonesRTD has reduced number of fares zones to two, Local and Airport. 任何从丹佛国际机场出发或结束的旅行都需要机场票价产品, 所有其他产品在系统的其余部分都是有效的.
Consolidated DiscountsRecognizing the diversity of our customers, we are consolidating discounts to ensure fairness and clarity, eliminate confusion, and create a transparent system that benefits all.
Discount Fares
Expanded LiVE AccessRTD increased income limits and removed in-district requirements. For the first time, LiVE乘客将可以在车上和tvm支付现金购买票价.
Zero Fare for Youth Pilot该试点项目允许19岁及以下的年轻人免费乘坐RTD,时间为2023年9月至2024年8月, 确保交通不成为获得教育或就业的障碍.
Zero Fare for Youth
Enhanced Pass ProgramsEcoPass, Neighborhood EcoPass, and CollegePass contracts will have two-year, utilization-based, 固定定价,而合同最低限额正在降低,以降低参与的门槛.
Pass Programs
New Pass ProgramsRTD正在为目前没有参与CollegePass的技术学校和其他学院和大学的学生创建一个SemesterPass, 同时还制定了一项100万美元的过境援助赠款计划,向为有紧急过境需求的人口提供服务的组织提供票簿.

Discount Programs and Fares

RTD’s Nonprofit Program

RTD的非营利计划为符合501(c)(3)的非营利组织或政府社区/社会服务组织提供优惠票价,这些组织为低收入和无家可归的人提供帮助. To learn more about the program and how to apply, please contact RTD's Nonprofit Program Coordinator by email.

Rail Fare Zones

Welcome aboard the RTD rail system, where convenience meets accessibility! RTD’s fare system is comprised of two fare zones: Local and Airport. For trips to or from Denver International Airport, customers will need an Airport Day Pass or Airport Upgrade. 这些选项为标准票价付费客户在整个网络中的无缝旅行提供了便利. Notably, all Discount fare products include travel to and from the airport, ensuring affordability and ease for all customers.

Additional Fare Information

Fare Policies

No Refunds

There are no refunds for purchases of any fare products. Fare media may carry an end-of-year expiration date; if so, 他们可能有资格在有限的时间内获得新机票的积分.

Fare Evasion

It is against the law to use RTD services without paying the fare (C.R.S. § 42-4-1416(2) Failure to Present a Valid Transit Pass or Coupon). Failure to present a valid transit pass, ticket, transfer or coupon could result in a fine of up to $106.50 including court costs. 根据科罗拉多州的交通法规,逃票是要受到惩罚的,不付钱可能会导致一个人失去驾驶特权. 多次收费将导致在预先确定的时间内暂停即时客运服务.

Fare Upgrades


为了获得最大的价值和方便,我们鼓励乘客使用MyRide手机条形码或MyRide卡支付车费. 当使用这些支付方式时,旅行次数会累积,票价会被限制,以确保你永远不会支付超出你应该支付的费用. 3小时通行证根据旅行自动转换为日票和月票, 如果你去票价较高的地区,你只需要支付差价.If not using the MyRide barcode or card, 我们鼓励乘客购买机场日通票,而不是依靠升级来乘坐不同票价的多次航班. However, customers may use an upgrade on a higher level of service.

Upgrade on a Trip to or from Denver International Airport:

持有标准3小时通票或一日通票的乘客必须支付机场升级费(7美元).25 from 3-Hour, $4.在公共汽车上或在自动售票机上用现金购买, credit or debit at rail stations. All Discount fares include travel to and from the airport.


在大多数情况下,你所付的车费将与路线的服务水平相对应. However, 在机场路线上,可以采取部分行程,有资格获得较低的票价, depending on the route and where you board and depart. 如果你知道你的旅行符合非机场票价,一定要在你支付票价之前告诉运营商,这样你就能正确收费.

More Information

Passes and Ticket Books


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Fare Evasion

RTD依靠乘客的收入来提供和改善运输服务. 这就是为什么所有乘客在乘坐公共汽车和轻轨时支付全额票价很重要.

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Mobile Ticketing

Use your mobile phone to scan and ride with RTD MyRide! RTD tickets and passes also available on the Uber and Transit apps.

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Pass Programs

RTD offers corporate and community pass programs

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